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The San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition (SDRCC) is a collective of ethnic-community based organizations (ECBOs) located within San Diego County. Members have been on the front lines of providing essential services to low-income disenfranchised refugee families for years. Collectively SDRCC members serve thousands of some of San Diego’s most vulnerable residents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead coordinated action to ensure that individuals and families from refugee communities throughout San Diego County are healthy, safe, and thriving.


As a coalition, we aim to implement more collaborative projects that incorporate refugee communities in San Diego.


We aim to shift the narrative to welcome and embrace more refugees and immigrants and represent our communities’ interests at the local and regional level.


As ECBOs who know their communities’ needs, this allows us to effectively leverage data & other resources to implement measures to improve policies and practices on refugee integration.

About Us

San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition members come from diverse backgrounds,
cultures, and speak several different languages.

Areas of Impact

At San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition we represent new immigrant communities of East African, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Haitian backgrounds.


Thousands of lives impacted for positive life transformations via collaborations with ethnic-community based organizations (ECBOs), universities and health clinics.

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