In September 2020, we began our COVID-19 Community Outreach through funding by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. This partnership allowed us to hire our staff of Community Health Workers through participating coalition members. The SDRCC staff attended weekly County meetings to stay up to date on COVID-19 resources and information. These resources were then shared in weekly training sessions with our CHW staff so they could be translated and relayed to community members in relevant ways. Each CHW had their own methods of outreach depending on their community.

There is no one size fits all approach to outreach.

Prevent Information Overload

Our goal was to assist our communities with navigating the overwhelming amount of information on COVID-19, and provide them with the knowledge to keep them and their families safe and healthy.

Host Vaccination Events

Our organizations hosted vaccination events encouraging members of their communities to get vaccinated, sharing information and updates on COVID-19, and responding to their questions.

Resource Navigation

Community Health Workers educate community members on health and safety measures, and provide community members with information on available support opportunities (ex. tax credits).

Cultural Relevance

Our organizations also created culturally relevant and easily accessible materials to assist in educating the community, across numerous languages and platforms.

“Most people I help in the community are extremely grateful for the service I provide them. It really means a lot to them that a person who looks like them is assisting them, I think more people in the community appreciate a familiar face.”

– Abdirizak Ahmed

 We conducted our outreach through Zoom meetings, phone calls, social media, flyers and brochures. An “Ask a Doctor” Community Webinar allowed community members to connect with medical information directly. Our team also conducted outreach at women’s and youth support groups, and spoke with small businesses. Beyond providing COVID-19 information, CHWs were able to build connections and establish relationships with community members.
The SDRCC has been able to continue our COVID-19 outreach through funding by the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Sierra Foundation.