Expanded Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the systemic inequities that our communities face. It has become increasingly clear that our communities need holistic support across the social determinants of health. Our CHWs provide services beyond COVID related outreach and support. By working with our CHWs to administer surveys to community members, we conducted two community assessments that have highlighted the major concerns that community members have.

Since the pandemic began, we have been able to provide support in the following ways:

Resources Provided


Hand Sanitizer and Masks (PPE)

Food Distribution


School Supplies

Services and Support Assistance Offered:

  • Assisted with applying for emergency grant from Refugee Emergency Fund
  • Assisted accessing needed resources (P-EBT, unemployment assistance)
  • Assisted navigating/accessing
    • Healthcare services
    • Employment services
    • Housing support
    • Educational services
    • Immigration systems
  • Tutoring (Indiv. and group)
  • Counseling or emotional support (indiv. or group)
  • Technology support
  • Translations